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Case study   .   20 March 2020

CAF Interclubs 19-20 

Broadcasting challenge of the Group stage ?

The CAF Total Champions league  & Confederation cup 2019-2020 are the biggest African international clubs competitions taking place across the continent with a format bringing together 32 clubs  battling for the title.

Those competitions  are the most awaited by international TV fans and buyers and the most widely watched CAF competition after the AFCON

Providing highest standard of broadcasting and visual experience

The challenge of those competitions and in particular during the group stages are  the simultaneity of the meetings taking place from Friday to Saturday and this during 6 weekends. The broadcast project management and coordination of 16 meetings and up to 8 games per day across the a continent is the challenge given by CAF to PGS.

The supervision of the match day weekend orchestrated by the PGS teams is piloting from a teleport and operational center based in Paris. This feature makes it possible to bring the same requirement and precise monitoring of each of the meetings. In contact with dedicated key people on each site the event taking place over the weekend and managed as a whole.

All customer requests and different QC points are centralized in order to maintain the highest standard of broadcasting and  optimal responsiveness in the event of during configuration changes and unforeseen events relating to live broadcasting.

Remote production and editorial  world feeds homogenization.

One of the challenges lies in making available to the international TV takers a global and homogen CAF competition weekend offer.

Indeed, with the support of CAF partners, the implementation of remote production solution allows us to editorialize the project globally both in terms of viewer experience by adding live off-tube match graphics  with data displays and  articulation of live scores, ranking  on each world feeds broadcasted

Finally by adding  comments in different languages on demand and by proposing  several services such as streaming,  personalized unilateral feed management pre/post game, live editorialization of press conference post-match allows us to meet all the requirements and request of the international TV takers on behalf of CAF.

Key topics:

  • The IC 19-20 Group stage represents 96 match spread over the African continent coordinated and supervised by PGS teams

  • Coordination of more than 350 international collaborators from the stadium to the delivery pint  during  each  weekend of competition

  • Creation on behalf of CAF of 60 hours of live sport program per match day allowing the fans to access with various contents of their favorite clubs

  • Enhancing and participating to the development of effective cost  solution for remote production on an international scale event

Case study

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